Foot Centering Technology®

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Foot Centering Technology® is a scientifically sound and tested biomechanical technology based on more than 30 years of clinical success. It starts with a Foot Typing Method called Functional Foot Typing® that allows for foot type specific customizations into and onto shoes.

Centering Technology cultivates training and performance exercises and lifestyle adjustments in walking and task performance that work where other training methods fail because of the structural support.

Foot Centering Technology® prevents feet from collapsing as it reduces pathological motion from existing for the first time in biomechanics.


Products manufactured incorporating Foot Centering Technology® like RestorThotics® and The Tayco Brace® make feet better stabilized, balanced and more trainable. Combined together or separate these braces are capable of improving the posture of feet over time making them less collapsed even when barefoot.

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Foot Centering Technology® is proven to revitalize ligaments that over time became either stretched or constricted in off-centered feet towards a more optimal functional length and tension.

Incorporating Foot Centering Technology® into medical/therapeutic devices is proven by patient after patient to make muscle engines that were stretched, contracted, poorly leveraged, atrophic from disuse or suffering from repetitive strain injuries able to be more trainable and better performers.


Foot Centering Technology® structurally hold the knees, thighs and hips that result from pedal collapse (or being overarched) in better alignment. This reduces the need for muscle engines and ligaments to stress and strain with every step as they fail to optimally pose the architecture of the foot and posture.

Foot Centering Technology® can be incorporated into products that are custom, customized, mass customized or stock over-the counter in order to make them more wellness and holistically oriented.

Products containing Foot Centering Technology® when compared to similar products are guaranteed to be better at preventing deformity and degeneration, better at improving performance and better at improving quality of life issues.

RestorThotics are the first and only custom foot orthotics to incorporate Foot Centering Technology®. They are guaranteed to outperform all other foot orthotics.

The Tayco Brace®, the first outside-the-shoe Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is the only OTC and custom AFO to incorporate Foot Centering Technology®. They are guaranteed to outperform all other AFO’s when professionally dispensed.

Forms to Download

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