RestorThotics® Selling Points

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RestorThotics® restore feet and postures by dampening the negative effects of living life on Earth in a civilized society with its crippling gravity, hard ground surfaces (ground reaction force) and shoes (repetitive microtrauma and stress).

Selling Points of RestorThotics®

  • RestorThotics® are shorter, narrower and more vaulted (arched) when compared to current custom orthotics.
  • RestorThotics fit well into shoes allowing greater use
  • RestorThotics® represent an exciting story offering immediate relief of heel pain, flat feet and ball of foot pain using The Foot Centering Theory of Structure & Function created by Dennis Shavelson DPM
  • RestorThotics® start with a functional foot typing that subgroups all feet into one of five common foot types that can be managed foot type-specific with better goals, and improved outcomes and applications.
  • RestorThotics® decelerate and often reverse collapse in the vault and the forefoot, foot type specific
  • RestorThotics are the first U.S. Patented custom foot orthotic to reduce underpinning biomechanical pathology.
  • RestorThotics reduce and/or prevent events such as knee replacements, hip replacements, bunion surgery and flat foot surgery that start in the feet

Forms to Download

TayCo Brace Custom Form

TayCo OTS Form

RestorThotics Order Form

Functional Foot Typing Exam Form