The TayCo Brace®

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The TayCo External Ankle/Subtalar Joint Brace is now available nationally from FootHelpers Corp. Developed by a University of Notre Dame Athletic Trainer and Team Physician for ankle sprains and other ankle and foot injuries and developmental problems, The Tayco Brace is CPT and ICD-10 codeable and billable for Medicare & other insurance plans, where covered.

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This brace is U.S. Patent Pending making it the only AFO/CAM Walker alternative to be measured and fit to the outside of a patient’s current shoes.

This enable the brace to immobilize the ankle joint and the subtalar joint on the frontal plane hold the ankle and rearfoot vertical to the ground and leg while still allowing sagittal plane dorsiflexion and plantarflexion.

  • Ankle sprains back to the in days not 4-6 weeks
  • Rehab and PT almost immediately
  • Less downtime at work and playtime
  • Perfect for Fall Prevention
  • Perfect for Correcting Juvenile Flat Foot The Flexible Rearfoot-Flexible Forefoot Functional Foot Type nonoperatively
  • Works seamlessly with Functional Foot Typing®
  • Works seamlessly with The Foot Centering Theory of Structure & Function®
  • Works seamlessly with RestorThotics® inside of the shoe
  • Short and painless learning curve
  • FootHelpers Lab corrects your bugs and shortcomings with cast corrections and proprietary prescribing corrections until you are more “practiced”
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The Tayco Brace® is the paradigm shift for walking boots or in-shoe AFOs sports and fitness oriented professionals have been longing to add to their tool boxes. Immediately available with training and support from FootHelpers Corp and Dr. Dennis Shavelson, our biomedical engineer of the lower extremity.

In addition to providing increased stability and performance, it is lightweight (typically 12 oz) and can be worn with RestorThotics®.

The TayCo Brace® combines immediate functional recovery without the imbalances, shoe fit difficulties and the need to watch every step allowing patients to return to driving, work, home, or the playing field with confidence.

Models include medical/worker, and athletic (low profile or high profile).

The Tayco Brace®, overnight, expanded the ability to control the frontal plane SERM-PERM Interval when using Foot Typing and The Foot Centering Theory® taking them to new heights of guaranteed corrective and restorative nonoperative care.

Email for info and to get started.

Forms to Download

TayCo Brace Custom Form

TayCo OTS Form

RestorThotics Order Form

Functional Foot Typing Exam Form