The Tayco Brace® (Off the Shelf & Custom) SUGGESTED REIMBURSEMENT CODES

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Off the shelf TayCo External Ankle Brace (Prefabricated & Fit toe Shoe Size)

Suggested Reimbursement Codes: L1971, L2820

  • Treatment of Acute Ankle Injuries
  • Lightweight, functional alternative to walking boot
  • Simple application
  • Fits work boots and safety shoes

Custom TayCo External Ankle Brace (Custom Fabricated)

Suggested Reimbursement Codes: L1970, L2820, L2755(x2)

  • Treatment of Chronicc Ankle Injuries
  • Balance and Stability Diagnoses
  • Simple Measurement Process
  • Custom fabricated for work boot or safety shoe

Forms to Download

TayCo Brace Custom Form

TayCo OTS Form

RestorThotics Order Form

Functional Foot Typing Exam Form