TayCo Brace® Features

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  • Immediate Functional Recovery
  • Maximum Stability
  • Minimizes Reconditioning Time
  • Lightweight
  • Measured to Your Existing Shoes
  • Total Rearfoot, Vault & Forefoot Biomechanical Control with RestorThotics® In Shoe
  • Simple and Easy Ordering Process
  • Premium Comfort
  • Enhanced Mobility & Functional Life for All Ages
  • Fixed and ROM Options with a Small Adjustment
  • Optimal Durability
  • Corrective When Used with Functional Foot Typing® & The Foot Centering Theory
  • Revolutionary Outside the Shoe Patent Pending Design
  • Made in the USA
  • 24/7 Biomechanical Education & Training Services with FootHelpers Consultants
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Forms to Download

TayCo Brace Custom Form

TayCo OTS Form

RestorThotics Order Form

Functional Foot Typing Exam Form