Tayco External Ankle Brace Fitting and Application

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Using TayCo Brace with Velcro Straps

For optimal fit and function, secure device in the following manner:

Step 1: In a seated position with knee bent at 90 degrees, lift heel and slide brace over the back of the shoe.

Step 2: Lift up the posterior band of the TayCo, to position it over the heel of the shoe, ensuring that the posterior band is in contact with the heel counter, above the sole, (at least half of an inch) and the uprights are in-line with the ankle and lower leg.

Check contouring of the uprights against the lower leg and remove the TayCo brace. Make any necessary adjustments to the uprights by bending them to better match the contour of the lower leg.

Bending can be done by simply placing the outer surface of the upright against the edge of a hard surface such as a chair back or counter and bending the upright in the appropriate direction. Please note that the shape of every calf is unique.

Step 3: Don the TayCo again, to ensure that the contouring closely matches the contours of the lower leg.

Step 4: Check the length on the medial and lateral side of the lower section of the TayCo. The lower section should extend to just proximal to the metatarsal heads, and should be slightly flared away from the shoe at the distal end.

a. Trim any excess plastic away using shears, buffing the edges to a smooth finish.

b. Flare distal ends slightly, if plastic is removed. Flaring can be done by heating the distal ends using a heat gun or small torch on the outer surface of the plastic and pressing the heated edge from the inside against a hard surface.

Step 5: Once again, don the TayCo and tighten straps1 then 2. Then, position the uprights running parallel to lower calf. Once the uprights are in the correct position, tighten straps 3 and 4. (See illustration)

Step 6: Secure uprights with hook and loop fastener D-Ring strap. D-Ring placement is on the medial, or inside, upright. Pull the strap around behind and around to front of ankle running strap through D-Ring and back onto itself and the hook and loop fastener portion of strap.

Comfort Tip: Straps may need to be repositioned once leg is parallel to the uprights. Straps can be trimmed to appropriate length. Trim in front of the cutline (See illustration). For ultimate comfort a barrier should be used between skin adn uprights of the brace. A mid-calf length sock is recommended.

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