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The Foot Centering Theory of Structure and Function is the science that studies and provides care for the foot and the postural segments above it in closed chain stance and function in health and disease.

The fact that all feet differ in their presentation has never been mandated to be a part of diagnosing, treating and researching them.

Foot Centering begins with the premise that feet are like snowflakes. Some have rearfoot problems, some vault or midfoot problems, some forefoot problems and some more than one. The starting scaffold for Foot Centering is Functional Foot Typing®, a set of tests that profile all feet classifying them into groups called Functional Foot Types®

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The mission of The Foot Centering Theory of Structure & Function is to improve upon mankind’s inherited structural and functional underpinning pathology that is incapable of dealing with the constant crippling forces of gravity, hard ground and shoes in a civilized society. Foot Centering aims to prevent and/or treat injury, deformity and degeneration of the foot and lower extremity while fostering lifelong performance and quality of life using science, medicine and the most valid and applicable evidence for each of the foot types, one pair of feet at a time.

It looks to support, stabilize, strengthen, balance and make symmetrical the weightbearing foundational foot using props that empower muscle engine training and manipulation of the neuro-myofascial systems that can then dampen the force equilibrium reducing malignant rotational and static forces restoring their ability to live and navigate the world holistically, efficiently and injury free.

By creating RestorThotics® and by explaining the narrative and consulting with the talented professionals that created The TayCo Brace®, a new generation of customized and customizable ankle and foot props that support and stabilize the foot now exists based on Foot Centering Theory.

Foot Centering Biomechanics has been called "a revolution in biomechanics and podiatry". J.R., DPM, NY.

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