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Foot Centering Biomechanics: Biomechanics That Puts Your Needs First

Foot Centering Biomechanics (FCB) is an approach to Biomechanics focusing on cures and root causes. It gives you the ability to take a pedal pain or a complaint and implement a treatment plan to cure it that includes the essential origins of the problem biomechanically.

We end the frustration of you only being able to offer band-aid care to the problem. We do this by offering evidence-informed biomechanics that is fun to present, market, and implement.

Our cost-effective Certifications in Foot Centering Biomechanics and our Direct Pay Tools are not covered by insurance. This creates income streams for you that will expand your practice with new referrals and loyalty.

Focused on the joints of the feet and their ability to establish a healthy equilibrium between being a rigid lever or a flexible, adaptive biomachine for human movement and tasking, FCB establishes a vacillating equilibrium between a joint’s Supinatory End Range of Motion (SERM) and its Pronatory End Range of Motion (PERM).

Why Foot Centering Biomechanics?

We partner with professionals who have experienced disappointment with biomechanics and orthotics that promise too much and offer too little.

Our cash-pay tools include Foot Centering Wedges that are applied inside a shoe or on an existing insole or orthotic that power feet towards a more optimal equilibrium. This sense of increased stability, support, strength and balance connects patients to you like never before.

Our Proprietary Kinesiology Tape has the ability, when applied professionally, to engage joints towards a more optimal equilibrium by countering gravity and ground reaction force. This tape also gives a test drive for our Dynamic Foot Braces (DFBs), a new generation of custom foot inserts.

Dynamic Foot Braces are SERM-PERM effective. They control the equilibrium of the joints of the feet according to the Patents and clinical success of Foot Centering Biomechanics. This expands your ability to offer prevention, performance enhancement, and quality of life (sports medicine and fall prevention) before, during or after a complaint or injury. Your staff will love that.

Foot Centering Biomechanics can be utilized by many more professionals than ever before. This includes therapists, coaches, trainers, and human movement specialists in addition to those currently dispensing custom foot orthotics and other products.

If you are frustrated with your current biomechanics and orthotics (and you should be) and you feel left out of the profits you are capable of offering, FootHelpers may be the sensible and enjoyable biomechanics for you to consider right now.

Call or Text 1-8455363338 (EDT, USA – WhatsApp) for a ten-minute courtesy consultation or Zoom or email [email protected] to set up a discovery discussion.

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Foot Centering® Biomechanics

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The BioKickstand of the Foot

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Foot Centering Wedges
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Functional Foot Typing
Foot Centering Kinesiology Taping and Foot Centering Wedges Application
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Call or Text 1-8455363338 (EDT, USA – WhatsApp) for a ten-minute courtesy consultation or Zoom or email [email protected] to set up a discovery discussion.

Professional Testimonials

Katie D. (Yelp Patient Review):

“Dr. Shavelson showed me how I distribute my weight improperly on my feet, which is why I am developing the issues I’m having.  Instead of pushing surgery, we discussed ways that I could correct this issue.  I learned more about foot health in this one visit than I have EVER accumulated in my life.”

Dr. J.R., DPM, NYC:

“With the thorough understanding of biomechanics that I received from Dr. Shavelson, I have been able to achieve multi-planar, biomechanical control instantaneously through the foot type-specific foot centering pads on the inside of my patient’s shoes. I have found such padding mimics in multiple ways the biomechanical control of longer lasting, custom-made dynamic foot braces that are often made for these patients.”

Dr. K.B., DPM, GA:

“Your foot centering pads have been terrific. I am using them in several ways. When first treating a patient, after they have been foot typed, I use the foot centering pads and FC Kinesiology Taping to help them get immediate relief from their symptoms. I have found this also gives the patient a test drive of how they will respond to their permanent custom-made Dynamic Foot Braces. I have found that the patients are always amazed at how well they work, especially as they see and feel the difference right away.”

Dr. T.V., PT, NYC: 

“I am using the foot centering pads and the FC Kinesiology Tape straps. They are the perfect way to begin training optimal foot position. The pads vaults the arch and stabilize and balance the foot and the Taping assists the first ray contacting the ground. Together they help our clients FEEL how the foot should be hitting the ground. The combination then becomes a prerequisite training for Dynamic Foot Brace. It is my favorite first step in educating clients in ideal foot mechanics and body alignment.”