What Foot Centering Biomechanics (FCB) Will Do For You

• Give You Independence Over Your Future
• Offer Non-Operative Cures for your patient’s complaints, Not Band-Aids
• Add Fun and Time by Reducing Your Insurance Bound Burden (not covered by insurance)
• Put Custom Foot Beds (Dynamic Foot Braces) in your hands that Provide Prevention, Performance Enhancement and Quality of Life options
• Add $25-30,000 of income to professions that could not offer Custom Foot Orthotics before such as coaches, trainers and massage therapists
• Give You Marketing and Social Media Power
• Provide you with a community of many like-minded professionals to gain rapport and experiences with

As a professional treating foot and postural issues, you have a unique opportunity to improve the overall well-being and wellness of the foot and postural suffering short and long-term.

FCB is a powerful, logical, acceptable human movement model that you already have foundational practice. Enhance your ability to offer cures through proprietary education, CME’s, and virtual and live mentorship.

The Foot Centering Biomechanics Experience begins with Certification Programs (make this a Certification button), open to many professionals and professions. These Certifications add value to your Professional CV as they free you of many government and insurance coverage restrictions.

We partner with both small and large practices that have a passionate goal to improve and maintain the health and wellness of their patients and clients in practice as we grow and profit together.

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